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Activation 1: The 33rd Energy Code

The series of 32 Impulses from AA Metatron

Activation 1: The 33rd Energy Code

The series of 32 Impulses was transmitted by Archangel Metatron. The 1st activation’s goal is to initiate the work with the Impulses.

In order to participate in this meditation read this text or listen to its recording.

Please follow the order of the Impulses and maintain the interval of at least 2 days (1 day since November) between the consecutive activations. You can repeat these meditations as many times as you wish or feel it appropriate.

Each Impulse involves deep and fundamental work with all of our bodies including the physical one. Therefore adhering to the given order of the Impulses is of vital importance.

The original texts in Russian you may find on sites:
http://espavo.ning.com/group/32 http://32impulsa-metatrona.ru

[From the translators:
It is worth realizing that during this spiritual work we need to do our best. The Masters of Light and Love cannot do it in our place. They can show us the way but we have to walk it ourselves. They offer us help and support.

Before the activation you may ask your Higher Self, Ascended Masters or your spiritual guide for assistance. You can clear your mind by drinking a glass of still mineral water, taking a shower or using your own techniques. You may use this affirmation/intention:

”I, (say your name)___________, here and now, from the level of unconditional love express my gratitude to Mother Earth, to Heavens, to my inner child. I enter the space of my heart, I focus my attention in there and I direct my breath of love into my heart. I ask my Higher Self, my guides, my Guardian Angels and The Ascended Masters of Love and Light to be present during this activation for my highest good.”]



The actual activation

On the 3rd of May 2012  the Unified Light Canal introduced the series of 32 Impulses. The series starts with the 33rd Energy Code which is the fundamental code for this work.

The 33rd code – is a canvas of Love and Light of The Creator. The Spectral Impulses of Light will be spread on this canvas and like threads will be weaving the coherent picture and architecture of Light, Love and Fire in each person.

The 33rd code is the 12th tread or layer of the DNA. The 12th layer may be understood as the Creator’s energy within us, within our DNA structure. It is one of the most quantum layers - the concentrated energy, being the connection of God with the entire life force, and with the divine human being in particular (Kryon: 12 layers of DNA).

The 33rd code was received on 27th of April 2012. The activation will take place in the Pyramid of Light. Metatron, Michael and Melchizedek will lead this meditation. You will be placed in two cones with one base: one of the cones has its apex up and the other has its apex down (the overall structure of this figure is similiar to octahedron). Around the double cone a sphere of light will be created. Metatron will be working with your Heart Centre, Michael will be working with your Third Eye chakra, and Melchizedek will be working with your Solar Plexus chakra.

The activation starts with the following intent:

”I, (say your name or your spiritual name)____________, here and now, in the Divine Light of day and night, in the Divine Presence of Mother-Father God, ask the Masters of Light to begin working with me upon the 33rd Energy Code. I ask Metatron to connect with me in the Eternal Light, I ask Melchizedek to connect with me in the Divine Light, I ask Archangel Michael to connect with me in the Light of Love and Protection. I ask the Masters of Light: place me in the Pyramid of Light and begin working with me. Please, fill me with Light and Love, balance and harmonize me, open my eyes and my consciousness. Fill my cells with Light and Love. Open my potential and enhance my ability to climb the ladder of Light. I take responsibility for myself and for my thoughts. I am open to Light and Love. I am open to Cosmic Fire. I am a vehicle of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Fire. And so be it! Amen.”

Here and now Metatron, Melchizedek and Archangel Michael create around you the field of Light and Love.

They surround you with a triangle: Metatron is in front of you, Michal is on your right and Melchizedek is on your left side.

They create a Light Pyramid around each person. It is the Pyramid of Light and all of the Activations will take place in it.

This Pyramid is like an antenna, receiving all high frequency impulses and transmitting Codes of Light into each and every cell of your physical body. Codes of Light work also with your subtle bodies by creating the sacred imprints and patterns of the Impulses.

After our spiritual work is done, your bodies will be more structured and more complex. They will form individual Architecture of Light in each person.

Today we will give you the essential and fundamental 33rd Code.

The 33rd code – is a canvas of Love and Light of The Creator. The Spectral Impulses of Light will be spread on this canvas and like threads will be weaving the coherent picture and architecture of Light, Love and Fire in each person.

The Trinity of Metatron, Michael and Melchizedek will transfer the Impulses to you. They will prepare your bodies and cells to receive Unified Light and Fire that will change your inner coding – from the process of half-decay into the evolutional process of complete development of your consciousness and bodies, in infinite expansion and progress of Divine Creation bearing Divine Love and Wisdom.

And now we start the activation.

I, Metatron, create around you the Cone of Light and I connect with you through the Heart chakra.

I, Archangel Michael, create around you the Sphere of Light and I connect with you through your Third Eye chakra.

I, Melchizedek, create around you the Cone of Light with its apex down and I connect with you through your Solar Plexus chakra (the cones created by Metatron and Melchizedek have the same base). You are in the double cone whose profile is similar to octahedron, and this cone is placed in the Sphere of Light.

I, Metatron, the Master of Light, here and now, in the Pyramid of Light, start the activation of the 33rd Energy Code.

Please attune yourself to my Light and accept it into your body. Be in Love and Trust. And so be it! Amen.

I am in front of you and I place my hands in front of your Heart. The Heart Canal is the most important one. Your birth begins here; it leads you through your life every day. Learn how to think with your heart, create with your heart, fully listen to your heart; it is high time to act according to your heart's advice.

Love with your heart so genuinely that each and every dissonance around you will be healed and understood. Thanks to your great and loving heart you will remove all masks of illusion from the faces of those who have been submerged in the game of duality and separation. Your heart should become brave in its Love.

Your Love, the energy of your Love will fill up the entire space and will annihilate all the falsehood which surrounded you; all the  hypocrisy will be erased and all of this false kindness will fall apart.

Brave Hearts, today I take your Hearts in my hands and I fill them with the Divine Light of the Creator; I fill them up with Love and merge with the Mother-Father God Canal for eternity. Be true in your Love for all, and for One as well, because we come from the One and we are One with everything. And so be it. Amen.

I, Metatron, with the symbol of Eternity and Infinity seal your heart for One Faith, One Love and One Consciousness of the Heart. And so be it! Amen.

Your Heart is filled with Light and Love, its purity and frequency of vibration is like a Lighthouse illuminating the entire Universe. Amen.

I, Archangel Michael, here and now start the activation of the Sacred Fire and the Sacred Light.

I am in front of you and I turn my hands to the space of your Third Eye chakra. I send the ray coming from my hands into your pineal gland. Attune yourself to my energy. I start the activation.

I, Michael, here and now transmit to you the ray which contains the double strand of the DNA. It will transfer the Energy Codes of the Light  Ascension that will be necessary at the time of the quantum leap. Those Codes have the Codes of the Sacred Fire inscribed in them. The Sacred Fire works as a transformer and converter of the Energy Codes for the cells and their nuclei, transferring to them the program of the new electron orbits. It will help you in the process of transforming the mode of body functioning in the new wavelengths and impulses of light. Those impulses will be coming from the Galaxy and other affiliated planetary and solar systems. This energy will prepare your light bodies for interactions with them, with the Beings made entirely of Light.

The ray I am sending you is working with your pineal gland and pituitary gland, transferring to them all the codes necessary to unpack this energy package (to your 'operation centre' – the pituitary gland – a new  instruction manual on working with the 'new-forgotten' Light technology has been transferred.... :-)) And so be it! Amen.

(During this work you can feel pulsation in the Third Eye area.)

I, Melchizedek, here and now enter your space, I am in front of you and I connect with you with my Solar Plexus. I place my hands in front of your Solar Plexus chakra.

I attune to you and ask you to express the following intent:

”I, (say your name)___________, here and now, in the Divine Light of day and night, in the Divine Presence of Mother-Father God, ask Melchizedek to open a channel to the Healing Flux of Light that will be flowing through me and healing the space of all spaces that are in need of Unified Light. I ask him: fill my body with this light, like a chalice, as much as those spaces need it. May the Light of the Creator overflows from me like from the Source of Eternal Light and Inextinguishable Fire, and may the Life Force of Love grow everywhere and in everybody. May all the Worlds and Universes be filled with Light of the Creator that illuminates and heals everything on Its way. And so be it! Amen.”

We, the Masters of Light, here and now open the apex of the Pyramid of Light and we allow the flux of the Energy Code flow into you and into your structures.

From the apex of the Pyramid of Light, in a clockwise direction, a spiral-shaped spinning ray starts to flow down. The second spinning ray, moving in an counter-clockwise direction, flows into you from the Core of the Earth.

The rays enter the Sphere of Light and they fill it up, and then the double cone is beginning to fill through its apices.

Both rays meet in your Heart Space (the Anahata Complex) and join their energies. At first they curl into a spiral similar to DNA and then merge, becoming a sphere of light which starts to expand and fills up the entire Heart Space (you can feel like your chest expands). The sphere of light changes into the eight-petal flower which lightens up in the middle.

Welcome The Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness which radiates in Your Heart (Our cheers and standing ovation! hooray!)

Flame of the Fire expands to the size of your body and fills the entire sphere of light (formed by Archangel Michael). Now you can feel the heat in your body, both inside and outside. It is the effect of the activity of Christ Consciousness; it is baptism with the Christ Flame.

And now concentrate on your heart, visualize this flame as the Ray of Light Fire and send it from your Heart to the Heart of Mother-Father God. Give them back all your Love and Light, and fill their Heart with the song of Love and Gratitude flowing from your Glorious, Eternal and Radiant Soul. And so be it! Amen.

The Divine Flaming Flux of Love of your Hearts fills the Heart of Mother-Father God – a magnificent show of Awakened Souls!

Revel in this moment of giving Love. The Returning Wave of Love from Mother and Father comes to you in a tenfold magnified stream. It brings you all the emanations of the Higher Love of Mother-Father God, being the substance the whole Universe is built on. It is the eternal Engine of the Universal and Cosmic Love: Giving and Receiving! And so be it! Amen.

(Savour this feeling as long as you wish.)

And this is the end of today’s activation.

We, Metatron, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek, balance your energy fields and harmonize you, we fill you up with our Love and we are Grateful for our work with you. We lead you out of the Pyramid of Light. Ground yourself well!

You are here and now. We Love you immensely. Until our next common work.

With Love: Metatron, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek.
[From the translators:

You can remain in meditation as long as you feel like it, sending Love to Mother Earth, filling up and illuminating all the expanses. Let’s express gratitude to all Beings of Love and Light. Let's invite them to cooperate with us for the highest good of all.

For the people who do not know how to ground themselves:
We suggest you sit comfortably on a chair or imagine doing so. Take a few deep, slow, even breaths. Imagine the roots growing from the base of your spine into the centre of Mother Earth. Right in that centre there is the beautiful crystalline heart of Hers - and this is the place where your roots reach to. They connect you with the very core of Her crystalline heart. Feel the energy of love and light flowing from the base of your spine into the heart of Mother Earth and coming back to you. Feel it with the whole of your being. Allow yourself to breathe this energy, calmly and evenly. Imagine that the connection between you and the crystalline heart of Mother Earth is absolutely safe. Allow yourself to journey into the heart of Mother Earth – Your Mother. The journey in light is calm and harmonious. When you enter the heart of Mother Earth, feel its greatness: it is like an ocean but made from beautiful crystal. Feel at ease inside of it and take a breath directly from the crystal. Remain in harmony, love and light as long as it feels comfortable. When you want to come back, imagine that via the roots leading you up to the base of your spine you return to your body, in light and love. Express the intent that you are grounded all of the time thanks to your 'root connection' with the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

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