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Activation 2: Impulse 1-16: DNA Recoding (Divine Layers 10-11-12)

Activation 2: Impulse 1-16: DNA Recoding (Divine Layers 10-11-12)

Why is it the activation of the 16th Impulse and not the 1st?

The list consists of 32 Impulses and the Masters of Light themselves point out which one of the Impulses will be transmitted. This order has its own inner logic. We are activating the 1st Impulse, its number on the list is 16, so in our work it is called 1-16.

The series of 32 Impulses was transmitted by Archangel Metatron.

In order to participate in this meditation read this text or listen to its recording.

Please follow the order of the Impulses and maintain the interval of at least 2 days (1 day since November) between the consecutive activations. You can repeat these meditations as many times as you wish or feel it appropriate.

Each Impulse involves deep and fundamental work with all of our bodies including the physical one. Therefore adhering to the given order of the Impulses is of vital importance.

The original texts in Russian you may find on sites:
http://espavo.ning.com/group/32 http://32impulsa-metatrona.ru

[From the translators:
It is worth realizing that during this spiritual work we need to do our best. The Masters of Light and Love cannot do it in our place. They can show us the way but we have to walk it ourselves. They offer us help and support.

Before the activation you may ask your Higher Self, Ascended Masters or your spiritual guide for assistance. You can clear your mind by drinking a glass of still mineral water, taking a shower or using your own techniques. You may use this affirmation/intention:

”I, (say your name)___________, here and now, from the level of unconditional love express my gratitude to Mother Earth, to Heavens, to my inner child. I enter the space of my heart, I focus my attention in there and I direct my breath of love into my heart. I ask my Higher Self, my guides, my Guardian Angels and The Ascended Masters of Love and Light to be present during this activation for my highest good.”]



The actual activation

The Impulse 1-16 was received on 4th of May, 2012. Today the Unified Light Canal is continuing its work in the Pyramid of Light and it is activating the Divine Layers of the DNA (10, 11 and 12). Michael and Melchizedek will be transmitting the Cosmic Fire and Milky Way Galaxy Fire through your hands, and they will be filling you with energies, clearing and crystalizing your bodies and cells. Metatron will transfer the Impulse from the Treasure House of Light and will take off the seals from your DNA layers that had been blocked until the specific time of re-opening.

The activation starts with the intent:

"I, (your name)____________, here and now, in the Divine Light of day and night, in the Divine Presence of Mother-Father God, ask the Masters of Light to begin working with me upon the 16th Impulse of DNA recoding (of the Divine Layers 10, 11 and 12).
I ask Metatron to connect with me in the Eternal Light, I ask Melchizedek to connect with me in the Divine Light, I ask Archangel Michael to connect with me in the Light of Love and Protection. I ask the Masters of Light: place me in the Pyramid of Light and begin working with me. Please, fill me with Light and Love, balance and harmonize me, open my eyes and my consciousness. Fill my cells with Light and Love. Open my potential and enhance my ability to climb the ladder of Light. I take responsibility for myself and for my thoughts. I am open to Light and Love. I am open to Cosmic Fire. I am a vehicle of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Fire. And so be it! Amen.”

The Unified Light Canal welcomes everyone who turns to us in Love and Faith.

We, Metatron, Michael and Melchizedek, are happy to work with you, and we  invite you into the Pyramid of Light.

I, Metatron, here and now open the Pyramid of Light. Today we are going to work upon the 16th Impulse of DNA Recoding, of recoding of its Divine Layers 10, 11 and 12.

These layers were consolidated in your DNA as the last ones, but now they open the doors for 10 more Strands that will be activated in you structure for your further development in 5D and higher dimensions. 

The Divine Layers, as their very name reveals, are directly connected with the Creator and your coming back to Him/Her through these layers.

They are your higher potentials for gathering the experience in the 3D game. These levels may be opened only when one's awareness and the collective awareness of the Earth's inhabitants and the Planet herself are ready to transition into the new level of Consciousness. Why do we name together individuals, community and the Earth? Because in this experiment we - and you - are talking only about the collective ascension. 

Our common task is to help you gather together all of your parts - to be able to come back to the Source, to the One.

Today we have a serious and responsible task to perform. Today each of you is going to direct your Light towards the Source and Creator so that His/Her Will may be manifested through you.

Because this is the way of the Eternal Light, Love and Faith. The faith in the One Creative Beginning that leads everyone along the refined path of incarnations and experience gathering. Your experience from all the worlds goes to the One Treasure House of Light, like the pearls of wisdom and creative experience, the pearls of Love and Light that change the Worlds and make branches of New Galaxies grow.   

Today we, the Masters of Light, will expand your path, will illuminate it with Light, will fill it with Love. We will take off the seals and with this New Impulse we will open the new ways of Ascending through the DNA recoding.

Today the Creative and Unified Light will touch everyone and will wake their strands, layers and levels that lead to the Throne of the Father, into the Heart of Mother-Father God. And so be it. Amen.

I, Michael, take the hands of you all and put them on my heart - touch it and feel the energies of Light and Love flow into them.

(When I touched Michael's heart I could feel the huge bright crystal; the impulses came from my hands into my throat chakra and then into the Third Eye and pineal gland. Then the energy began flowing through my body, filling each and every cell with the Light...it felt like delicate tingling in every cell, like filling up and expanding.)

I, Michael, here and now fill you with the Stream of Life.

The Stream comes from the Galaxy Centre, goes through my heart and fills you up through your hands, because it is easier for you to recieve this energy this way than through your crown chakra.

This Stream works with each cell, transmitting the Lightcodes of Cosmic Fire  and coding your mitochondria for the new frequency impulse of the Divine Source.

Today the Creator Source will transmit to you the Impulse of Frequency that will unblock the DNA programme and attune it to receive the magnetic layer of attraction of the Divine Creative beings' particles. 

I, Melchizedek, here and now, ask each one of you to put your hands forward.

I touch your hands with my hands.

I, Melchizedek, give you the Crystaline Impulse of the Cool Fire.

(the feeling of chill, filling up with chill)

This is the stream of energy from the Milky Way Galaxy - the Crystal Sea.

Now the Cool Fire will be working with all of your cells, crystallizing them and changing their memory capacity through entering them and adjusting/activating the layers for the higher information level.  

The crystallization provides the proper clearing and creates the new foundation for inserting the Recoding Impulse.

(You may spend with each Master so much time as you need for your work. Some people would lie down and fall asleep during thoses sessions - it's not a problem, just continue from the place where you stopped).

And we continue...   

I, Metatron, here and now, stand before you and create around you the sphere of Light.

I ask you to express the last intent: 
"I, _________________, here and now, in the Divine Light od day and night, in the Divine presence od Mother-Father God, ask for opening the Treasure Trove of Light and transmitting the Impulse of DNA recoding, of recoding of its Divine Layers 10, 11 and 12. I ask for taking off all the seals and making the Impulse of recoding available for all my cells and my cellular memory, and for activating the Divine Layers od the DNA. And so be it! Amen."

I, Metatron, here and now, create a canal going through you and the Sphere of Light - you are in the canal similar to a cylinder of light and the Impulse will go through this canal. 

And so I, Metatron, in the name of Mother-Father God order to transmit the Impulse from the Treasure Trove of Light. And so be it! Amen."

The seraphim, burning and fiery, conduct this Impulse through their bodies and direct it to the apex of the Pyramid of Light which acts as a resonator.

The Impulse goes to the cylinder (you are in this cylinder inside the sphere of light).

Put your hands up and form the palms of your hands into a shape of a chalice.

The Impulse is spinning in a counter-clockwise direction and going down through the cylinder.

I, Metatron, put my hands on your shoulders to help the Impulse go through you.

And now I ask for the Impulse to go through you (it is best to stand with your hands up now).

The lightstream of Impulse starts to fill you, the Light is dense, it is filling you up, the rhythm and manner of your breathing may alter from shallow to very deep; observe how these energies go through you.

They come into you in a dense stream, slowly filling up your body and cells; when the stream reaches your feet, please direct this energy to the core of Mother Earth with your love and gratitude.

From Mother Earth there comes the returning stream of love, accept it, take the love of Mother Earth into you and raise it to your heart centre, fill it with your love and gratitude and send it into the heart of Mother-Father God.

The mighty returning stream from Father-Mother comes to you and fills you up with Universal Love, Motherly Care and Infinite Tenderness.

Accept it and transmit through you these streams of love, spread them into the World, transmuting it with Love and Wisdom.

I, Metatron, by the will of God have taken the seals of limitation put on your reception of divine waves of love, the seals that corresponded to the 3D play matrix.

Within the next 3-5 days the deep cellular transformation will take place in your bodies.

If it is possible, please reduce your physical activity and give your body the calmness it needs for its restructuring, if it asks for it. 

Feel and listen to your body and your cells, they will give you their own hints regarding the methods of assistance in their process of transformation and transmutation.

During your sleeptime the fundamental processe will be taking place in you; your dreams may show you the things you say goodbye to and the things that you assimilate and addapt to again.

If you do not have any deep or subtle feelings during the activation and later, it does not mean that the process is not taking place in you; each and every person has his/her own level of sensitivity to the energetic processes.

We, the Masters of Light, are with you 24 hours a day and you can always express the intent of coming into the Pyramid of Light and ask us for the continuation of this work or for the assistance while you deal with your blocks.

The Path of Apprenticehood does not exempt anybody of their life lessons, but with our assistance you will be going through them more quickly and with more ease; be aware and attentive for the Light is always the Bright Light in the darkness and many may get blind, and you may hear their cries and protests - accept it with Love and Compassion, being aware that their Path and their Choice is also respected.

May any protest induce in you even greater transmition of Love!

Be calm and harmonized, live in Joy and Love, and may your sole wish be the Ascension of the Earth and Humankind. And so be it. Amen.

Metatron, Michael and Melchizedek through Julia Skurikhina, 4th of May, 2012.

[From the translators:

You can remain in meditation as long as you feel like it, sending Love to Mother Earth, filling up and illuminating all the expanses. Let’s express gratitude to all Beings of Love and Light. Let's invite them to cooperate with us for the highest good of all.

For the people who do not know how to ground themselves:
We suggest you sit comfortably on a chair or imagine doing so. Take a few deep, slow, even breaths. Imagine the roots growing from the base of your spine into the centre of Mother Earth. Right in that centre there is the beautiful crystalline heart of Hers - and this is the place where your roots reach to. They connect you with the very core of Her crystalline heart. Feel the energy of love and light flowing from the base of your spine into the heart of Mother Earth and coming back to you. Feel it with the whole of your being. Allow yourself to breathe this energy, calmly and evenly. Imagine that the connection between you and the crystalline heart of Mother Earth is absolutely safe. Allow yourself to journey into the heart of Mother Earth – Your Mother. The journey in light is calm and harmonious. When you enter the heart of Mother Earth, feel its greatness: it is like an ocean but made from beautiful crystal. Feel at ease inside of it and take a breath directly from the crystal. Remain in harmony, love and light as long as it feels comfortable. When you want to come back, imagine that via the roots leading you up to the base of your spine you return to your body, in light and love. Express the intent that you are grounded all of the time thanks to your 'root connection' with the crystal heart of Mother Earth.]  

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